• Get setjmp/longjmp to work in Emscripten without it slowing things down.  This is necessary for some games like SimTower. (update: 11/27/2017 Currently waiting for WASM to support this)
  • Direct3D/OpenGL in Emscripten, perhaps glshim
  • Save/Load state, not sure how this will work with OpenGL, needs research
  • Android port
  • OPL2 and PC speaker support
  • Create a custom Wine audio driver for BoxedWine, instead of using and emulating /dev/dsp
  • Port x64 dynamic recompiler to Mac/Linux
  • Implement dynamic recompiler for WASM/Emscripten
  • Add support for winetricks
  • Add support for clipboard (used to work in an earlier version of BoxedWine using Wine 1.6, winex11.drv change how the clipboard worked starting in Wine 1.7)


  • 19R1 Improve OpenGL support so that it can be used with DirectDraw games like Age of Empire
  • 19R1 Relative mouse support so that FPS games can use the mouse
  • 19R1 x64 dynamic recompiler (in progress)