How to build

Web Build ConfigurationThe code is hosted at Sourceforge.  You may browse the code at SourceForge or you can check it out using svn

svn checkout boxedwine-code

During development the filesystem zip file might be updated, if you build BoxedWine, make sure you are using the most recent filesystem zip file Release 2 Beta 2/

With just the filesystem and an executable you should be able to test launching notepad with this command line:

boxedwine -root . -zip /bin/wine notepad

Windows Build

Currently I use Visual Studio 2019 community edition.

Open solution file \project\msvc\BoxedWine\BoxedWine.sln

Linux Build

requires: minizip and zlib, on Ubuntu this might be zlib1g-dev and libminizip-dev

change directory to cpp/project/linux and run

MacOSX Build

install Command line Tools: xcode-select –install

(brew, sdl2 and minzip might not be necessary anymore) install needed libraries using brew:

brew install sdl2

brew install minizip

change directory to cpp/project/linux and run

Emscripten Build

follow instructions on Emscripten and/or WebAssembly website for setup

make sure to initialize the emscripten environment: source ./

change directory to cpp/project/emscripten and run

read buildFlags.txt in source code tree for configuration options (summarised here)