How to build

The code is hosted at GitHub and can be seen here

You can clone this repo locally,

git clone

or you can download a zip of the repo by visiting in your browser, then tapping the green button in the upper right called “Code”.  That will launch a popup and at the bottom of the popup is an entry for “Download ZIP”.  Select that and after it downloads, unzip it on your computer.  This is the full Boxedwine source code and you can build it using the instructions below.

To use Boxedwine, you need a file system.  You can use this one to start.

With just the filesystem and an executable you should be able to test launching notepad with this command line:

boxedwine -root . -zip /bin/wine notepad

Windows Build

Currently I use Visual Studio 2019 community edition.

Open solution file project\msvc\BoxedWine\BoxedWine.sln

Linux Build

requires: on Ubuntu this might be zlib1g-dev, libminizip-dev, cmake, libsdl2-dev and libssl-dev

change directory to project/linux and run

MacOSX Build

Install XCode from the App store

change to the directory project\mac-xcode in finder and open Boxedwine.xcworkspace

Mac OSX is still an experimental build.  The Boxedwine target uses the slower “Normal” core and Boxedwine64 uses an experimental x64 binary translator, but this does not work on a lot of games yet.  There is also a known bug where sound is very choppy, but a fix for this is being actively worked on.

Emscripten Build

follow instructions on Emscripten and/or WebAssembly website for setup

make sure to initialize the emscripten environment: source ./

change directory to project/emscripten and run

read buildFlags.txt in source code tree for configuration options (summarised here)