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Example using wineconsole with  


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20/01/2019 11:05 pm  

Based on a previous discussion, I was able to get a win32 console application running using wineconsole with by doing the following:

Create a zip, ie, with the following content:

In the myapp.bat file I had the following:

c:\windows\system32\wineconsole myapp.exe

And in test.html I made sure to point to the bat file in the zip:

<a href="boxedwine.html?app=myapp&p=myapp.bat">My App</a>

I think it would be helpful if boxedwine shipped with an example console app and some instructions in the README 🙂

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Kevin O'Dwyer
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24/01/2019 10:36 am  

Sorry that the documentation for the web build is not more clear. I will look to add information and examples to it for the next release.
I have put together an initial page for the web build parameters and usage that may assist. You can find it under documentation
web build configuration