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Emscripten and BrowserFS  


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26/12/2018 1:29 am  


I'm running Stars! on the latest release (Boxedwine-Web-18R2) in-browser via emscripten.  I noticed that BrowserFS was added to the project and was wondering if you have plans to implement some sort of FS api and local storage.

The internet archive has implement this with its emularity engine (see: ).  Are you planning on following suit?

FYI, BoxedWine has much better performance for 16-bit games than the em-dosbox+Win 3.1 solution of the internet archive.  Maybe BoxedWine could be a plugin for their emularity project.

Kevin O'Dwyer
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20/01/2019 9:19 am  


BoxedWine already supports multiple filesystems via BrowserFS. By default storage it is just memory, but that can be configured to be browser local storage and even dropbox. You can get files into the filesystem via file upload or drag and drop.

The buildFlags.txt document in the src repo has configuration information for all of the above.


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