19R1 Change Log


  • Added new UI to manage apps/games and containers for Windows and Mac builds
  • New Windows x64 build includes a multi-threaded binary translator for huge performance increase
  • Added SSE instruction set
  • Builds include Wine 1.7.55 and Wine 4.0
  • Improved OpenGL support for Wine’s Direct3D implementation
  • Added the ability to mount host directories into the emulator environment


  • Added command line argument: -scale XX, where XX is % of the original.  So -scale 100 would be normal.
  • Added command line argument: -scale_quality XX, where XX is 0, 1 or 2.  0 = nearest pixel sampling, 1 = linear filtering, 2 =anisotropic filtering.  These are SDL filters, see SDL_HINT_RENDER_SCALE_QUALITY.
  • Added support for Wine 3.x.  Currently I’m testing Wine 3.1 because 3.2/3.3 have huge performance problems for Boxedwine
  • -m option was removed, now memory will be allocated on demand instead of up front.
  • Supports -bpp 8 command line argument for games that need the emulated desktop to start in 8-bit
  • Fixed some 8-bit color games, like MDK
  • Added a dynamic recompiler, should be at least 2x faster than 18R1
  • Added pass through support for MIDI in the Windows build

Some of the games that were fixed

  • Eversion: updated file system with a different version of glu32
  • WinTrek 32-bit: no longer crashes because of sound
  • Winroids now works with sound
  • Wine 3.1 fixes graphical issues in several games, including WinTrek, Winroid, Lander and Klotz
  • MDK