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Workflow to pre-run an installer for Boxedwine-Web  


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21/01/2019 2:45 am  

I have an installer that runs in Boxedwine-Web but takes a long time. Is there a workflow for how I can preinstall the exe into the filesystem?

I was able to run the same installer with Boxedwine-Win32 which created a fs\home\username\.wine\drive_c directory that is the changes from the installer but I'm not sure how to bundle that up to include in Boxedwine-Web.

Also not sure if I should have started with the filesystem zip in Boxedwine-Web instead of the filesystem zip in Boxedwine-Win32 for making that .wine directory. 

Any ideas?

James Bryant
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21/01/2019 3:33 am  

You can unzip the web file system then run Boxedwine-Win32 on that file system to run the installer, then re-zip that directory and use that for the web file system.   Just notice that in Win32 you have to mount the root dir in the webfs.  The web fs needs the top level directory to be called root when you rezip it.

boxedwine -root c:\webfs\root /bin/wine installer

Since you unziped the fs, you don't need to include the command line argument -zip