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Scripts to automate packages  


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04/03/2018 5:03 am  

Post your scripts that automate the building of packages.

James Bryant
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04/03/2018 11:30 pm  

Do you mean like a debian package in order to add something to the file system?  Lately I have been working on getting a new debian/stretch file system up and running with apt and xorg.

The current file systems I have were created by hand and are difficult to add to.  The goal for them was to be as small as possible.

The goal with the debian file system would be to have easy to follow steps that would recreate it so that it would be easy to change in the future.

So far I have something like this.  I end up with about 180MB file system, but I haven't gotten it to run xorg yet.  I also expect I can trim down the size quite a bit.

sudo debootstrap --arch i386 stretch stretch_root_dir
sudo chroot stretch_root_dir /bin/bash
apt-get install xorg
rm /var/cache/apt/archives/*
rm /var/cache/apt/*