Raspberry Pi ...

Raspberry Pi ...  


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26/04/2020 9:33 pm  

Hi ! Embarrassingly stupid question : will this allow to run Windows exe's (compiled for X86) on Raspberry Pi 4 - ARM-based mini-computer ? If so, what would I need to download & how to install it ? TIA !

James Bryant
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26/04/2020 9:54 pm  

ARM is on my list of things to do, but I expect that to be 1 to 2 years away.

I did do a proof of concept and the normal CPU core I have will run on ARM, but it is way too slow.  It was probably in the range of a 386 computer.

I have a x64 CPU core that is pretty fast, maybe 25% of the host system.  It works on Windows and I'm hoping to have it working on Linux soon.  Perhaps that would work on small x64 system, like LattePanda.


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