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Confused about installation  


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19/06/2018 2:50 pm  

So...I've downloaded Boxedwine on my Win10 laptop.  When I open Boxedwine.exe, a window appears and immediately disappears.  I'm used to an installer popping up at this point, or at least a message telling me that the thing I tried to install has been installed successfully.

Am I missing something here?

James Bryant
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18/07/2018 7:42 pm  

Did you download  If so, what happens when you launch pinball.bat?  If that causes the window to popup then disappear, the black console window should stay open and perhaps display an error.

As for Boxedwine.exe, it's meant to have command line arguments and not just be launched by itself, though in the future I would like to have UI for it that will allow you to configure and find apps to run without the command line